A selection of the best Live music, shorts and features from throughout cinema history in a film season that takes place for the tenth year, having become a classic amongst Barcelona summer activities.-.


Snow White (with FILM-CONCERT) Pablo Berger, Spain, 2012 A free version of the Grimm Brothers’ tale. In this version, set in Spain in the 1920s, Snow White flees from the house of her wicked stepmother accompanied by a troupe of six dwarf bullfighters.A surprising tribute to 1920s silent movies that was awarded 10 Goyas. A striking aesthetic enriched by a daring mixture of dark humour, social satire and expressionist film style.


Blancaneu - trailer

22.00 short film: Luminaris, Juan Pablo Zaramella, 2011

Drive Nicolas Winding Refn, USA, 2011 The Driver lives a double life. By day, he works as a film stunt driver, by night he hires out as a getaway car driver for armed heists. However, his life undergoes a radical change when he meets his beautiful neighbour Irene, who lives with her young son whilst her husband is in prison.A stunning film, violent, bloody and intense, that has viewers on the edge of their seats from the opening scene to the end.

22.00 short film: La boda, Marina Seresesky, 2013

Kids & Music: Sant Andreu Jazz Band Ramon Tort, 2012, Spain A journey in which our guide is Joan Chamorro, leader of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, who reveals his unusual and extraordinarily successful teaching methods. A portrait of a young ensemble composed of children and young people from 6 to 18 years.A tender, moving documentary that unleashes powerful energy as we delve into a true story, one that is both personal and collective.


22.00 short film: Ahora no puedo, Roser Aguilar, 2012

West Side Story Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins, EEUU, 1961 In the poor tenements of West Side in New York in the early-60s, two rival gangs of youths, the Sharks and the Jets, are fighting it out for supremacy on the street. One night, violence breaks out when the gangs clash at a dance.The winner of 10 Oscars, this superb updated version of Romeo and Juliet is considered one of the most outstanding musicals in movie history.

Melancholia Lars von Trier, Denmark, 2011 Justine and Michael are celebrating their marriage at a sumptuous party. Meanwhile, the planet Melancholia is heading towards collision with Earth…In Melancholia, the Danish director strikes out in a new direction, making his first foray into the terrain of suspense and the disaster movie. A gripping blend of family drama and philosophical reflexion.

The Untouchables Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano, France, 2011 An odd twist of fate sees Driss, a young immigrant from the ghetto, taken on to look after Philippe, a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic aristocrat. Two worlds clash, but a surprising, deep friendship gradually forms, giving rise to a series of hilarious escapades.A tender feel-good comedy based on a true story which became the biggest all-time box-office hit in France.

Intocable - trailer

22.00 short film: Zombie, David Moreno, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Japan, 2010 A story about a family of little people who live secretly in a house. Their rule is never to allow themselves to be seen. But everything changes when Sho, a sickly boy who has moved in, notices Arrietty, a young teenager. The powerful friendship that springs up between the pair threatens the peaceful existence of those tiny creatures.An enthralling adventure, full of suspense, in an apparently peaceful setting. The Japanese Academy voted “Arrietty” Best Animation Film in 2011.

Arrietty - trailer

22.00 Short film: Coast warning, Aleksandra Shadrina, 2011

Take Shelter Jeff Nichols, USA, 2011 Curtis LaForche lives in a small Ohio town with his wife and young daughter. He begins to have terrifying dreams about an encroaching, apocalyptic storm and decides to protect his family by building a storm shelter in their backyard. But he is assailed by doubt: what is he protecting them against – the supposed storm, or himself?This enigmatic, disturbing film features a superb performance by Michael Shannon. One of the most pleasant surprises amongst recent US indie movies.

22h Previous Short: The Last one, Fosi Vegue/ KanseiSounds (CIRCUIT 2013. Fotografia Documental Barcelona)
The Guard John Michael McDonagh, Ireland, 2011 An eccentric Irish policeman with a subversive sense of humour is forced to team up with a bored FBI agent to try to arrest a gang of drug traffickers that threaten to disturb the quiet life in Galway.A dark comedy reminiscent of John Ford’s work, as well as European Spaghetti Westerns, enriched by a superb performance from Brendan Gleeson.

22.00 short film: Crimen desorganizado, Stephan Hofmann, 2012

We Have a Pope Nanni Moretti, Italy, 2011 Having seen the famous “fumata Bianca”, crowds of the faithful gather in St Peter’s Square to welcome the new Pope, little imagining that he will not come out, as he does not feel ready to take on such responsibility. Whilst the Vatican works full out to find solutions, the Catholic world despairs to see things failing to follow their natural course.Nanni Moretti presents a biting, ironic comedy on an issue of great concern in our country and absolutely on-topic this year.

22.00 short film: Lesbianas y mucho más, Hanna Jarzabek, (CIRCUIT 2013. Fotografia Documental Barcelona)

A Separation Asghar Farhadi, Iran, 2011 Nader and Simin, an Iranian couple with a daughter, can’t agree whether to leave the country in search of a better life or to stay and look after Nader’s father, who has Alzheimer’s. Things get even more complicated when Nader hires a woman to look after his father...A magnificent film. Farhadi masterfully generates dramatic tension and empathy towards the characters. The richly deserved winner of the Golden Bear in Berlin and the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson, USA, 2012 This film is set in the United States in the 1960s. Two teenage lovers flee their homes, awakening old stories of love and hate amongst the neighbours and relatives who turn out to look for them.Superbly made, Moonrise Kingdom takes us back to teenage days, to first love, with humour, sensitivity and a generous helping of director Wes Anderson’s trademark surrealist touch.

22.00 short film: División azul, Sergí Martí, 2012

Avanti! Billy Wilder, USA, 1972 Wendell Armbruster, an American businessman, is forced to travel to Italy when his father dies in a car accident there. On his arrival, he discovers that his father had a mistress, a revelation that turns his world up-side down. Things get even more complicated when the mistress’s daughter enters the scene...A delightful, superbly-plotted Billy Wilder comedy featuring superb performances from the leading actors.

Source Code Duncan Jones, USA, 2011 Captain Colter Stevens awakens in the body of a time traveller whose mission is to live through a train bombing over and over again until he discovers who is responsible. Complications set in when he becomes emotionally involved with a fellow passenger on the train...After Moon, his successful debut, David Bowie’s director son surprises us with this imaginative mind game in which the spectator must discover the “source code”.

22.00 short film: Linear, Admir Admoni, 2012

Monsieur Lazhar Philippe Falardeau, Canada, 2011 Bechir Lazhar, a 55-year-old Algerian immigrant, is hired by a Montreal school to replace a teacher who has died in strange circumstances. In his new job, he begins to employ unusual teaching methods with a class of shaken but endearing kids, changing their lives.In this blend of comedy and tragedy, infused with poetry and elegance, Monsieur Lazhar’s wisdom and ability go beyond teaching his pupils to awaken the viewer’s conscience.

22.00 short film: Limón & chocolate, Gemma Ferraté, 2012

Citizen Kane Orson Welles, USA, 1941 “Rosebud” is the last word uttered by Kane, a major US magnate, on his death-bed. This enigmatic valediction causes a media frenzy, and a group of journalists begins investigating with a view to solving the mystery.Orson Wells’ masterpiece, considered one of the greatest films in cinema history.

Donnie Darko Richard Kelly, USA, 2001 Donnie is a smart, imaginative young American boy who, having survived almost certain death, begins to have a series of hallucinations that take him into a strange world unlike anything in his wildest dreams.A fascinating psychodrama that has quickly become a cult film, particularly amongst young spectators.

22.00 short film: Elefante, Pablo Larcuen, 2012

Surprise movie This year's surprise movie is... a surprise. Treat yourself to one of the best movies of the history of cinema.

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